As part of the Cowen Institute’s ongoing efforts to provide the New Orleans community with information and resources throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, this interactive map shows testing and food resources in Orleans parish.

This new map displays both COVID-19 testing and food resources in Orleans Parish. It was compiled by…

Kate Mehok, Founder and CEO of Crescent City Schools

This is the 14th in a series of interviews and Q&As conducted by the Cowen Institute with New Orleans educators to highlight how schools and programs are managing with the current COVID-19 outbreak.

In this edited Q&A, we continue our updates on how schools in New Orleans are responding to the COVID crisis. This is an interview with Kate Mehok of the School Leaders Forum and Crescent City Schools, a Charter Management Organization that operates three schools in the city.

Can you explain…

Cowen Institute

The mission of the Cowen Institute is to advance public education and youth success in New Orleans and beyond.

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