COVID-19 Resource Map

As part of the Cowen Institute’s ongoing efforts to provide the New Orleans community with information and resources throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, this interactive map shows testing and food resources in Orleans parish.

This new map displays both COVID-19 testing and food resources in Orleans Parish. It was compiled by Margaret Kassel, a Tulane University student and intern at the Cowen Institute this past semester.

With the Category filter, you can modify your search depending on your needs. Using the “Days of Operation” filter, you can select resources by day of the week. Click on any mark on the map to learn more about the service provided at that location.

This map provides accessible information to address both the public health and food security crises brought about by COVID-19. Accessible testing is necessary to slow the spread of COVID-19, while antibody testing is a valuable tool for understanding COVID-19 immunity in New Orleans. At the same time, economic and political collapses have left many in need of food. These resources are necessary for the health and economic security of the people of New Orleans.

Please email us at if you know of any resources that should be added to this map.